Benefits of Headless eCommerce

Benefits of Headless eCommerce with WooNuxt

What is Headless eCommerce and why would you want to use it?

Headless or decoupled ecommerce refers to a system where the front-end interface (the part of the system that the customer interacts with, typically a website) is separate from the back-end system (the platform that processes orders and manages the catalog). This architecture has a number of benefits:


A headless system allows you to use any front-end technology you want, since it is decoupled from the back-end. This means you can use the best tools for the job, rather than being limited to the capabilities of a monolithic platform.


Decoupling the front-end and back-end allows each component to scale independently, which can be more efficient and cost-effective.


A headless system can be easily integrated with other systems and platforms, such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation tools.

Safe deployment

Headless eCommerce allows you to deploy new features and updates without having to worry about breaking the existing site. This is because the front-end and back-end are completely separate. It also means you can easily roll back to a previous version if something goes wrong.

Better DX (Developer Experience)

Headless eCommerce allows you to use the best tools for the job. Local development allow you to see changes instantly and make it easier to debug. Happy developers make for happy customers.


Headless eCommerce allows you to build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that work offline and can be installed on mobile devices. This means you can build a native-like experience for your customers. One that is fast, reliable and engaging.


Since the front-end is not bogged down by a heavy back-end, a headless system can be more responsive and perform better for the customer. Nuxt is built to prived the best performance out of the box by leveraging the PRPL pattern. You get link prefetching, code-splitting, asset optimization


A decoupled architecture allows you to iterate and innovate more quickly, since you can make changes to one component without affecting the other.

Time to market

Headless eCommerce allows you to make changes in a fraction of the time. This is because you can reuse existing components and logic. You can also use the same API for multiple front-ends. This means you can build a mobile app, a desktop app and a web app all from the same API.

Experimentation AB Testing

Headless eCommerce allows you to experiment with new features and designs without having to worry about breaking the existing site. Netlify, Vercel and other hosting providers allow you to deploy new versions of your site and test them with a percentage of your traffic. This allows you to test new features to see if they are worth rolling out to everyone.

Rich user experiences and interfaces

Nuxt allows you to build rich user experiences and interfaces. Page transitions, animations, bespoke loading states and more are all possible with Nuxt.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nuxt pre renders your pages on build. This means that your pages are ready to be crawled by search engines. This also means that your pages load faster witch is a ranking factor for search engines. Google loves fast sites.


Nuxt is built on Vue.js. Vue.js is a progressive framework that provides built-in XSS protection. This means that you don't have to worry about XSS attacks. Nuxt also provides built-in CSRF protection so you don't have to worry about CSRF attacks.

Headless or DecoupledMonolithic Platform
Search Engine Optimization😁😕
Initial setup/implementation😕😁
Ongoing maintenance😕😁
Winner: 😁
Runner-up: 😕

Quick Recap

As you can see, headless/decoupled ecommerce has a number of benefits compared to monolithic platforms, but it also has a higher level of complexity and requires more effort to set up and maintain. The best choice for a particular business will depend on its specific needs and resources. WooNuxt is built to take advantage of as many of the benefits of headless ecommerce as possible, while minimizing the complexity and effort required to set up and maintain it.

Quick Start Guilde

Try out WooNuxt (Built with Nuxt v2) today with our quick start guide. WooNuxt v3 is built upon Nuxt v3 and is currently in development and will be released soon.

WooCommerce logo

1. Store data

Everything you know and love about WooCommerce stays the same. If you have a current shop or setting up a new one all you need to do is install and activate the following plugins. WPGraphQL, WooGraphQL and WPGraphQL CORS

Nuxt Logo

2. Build

Powered by Nuxt, WooNuxt connects to your WooCommerce store using WPGraphQL and outputs a highly optimized frontend. With code splitting, lazy loading and link prefetching out of the box. Lighthouse will love it!

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3. Deploy

Deploy your entire site to a CDN and forget about it. Static site scale well, are blazingly fast, cheap, secure and accessible to the world. WooNuxt can be deployed to any static web hosting. Deploy to Netlify